A stranger just gave me £200

Oct 11, 2022 | Blog

There are some days that I lose faith in humanity.  However occasionally something will happen that gives me the faith that people are generally good.  Back in March when Covid PCR tests for travel were still a thing, I saw a woman posting on a facebook group that she had a voucher for £200 worth of PCR tests and did anyone want them as she was no longer travelling.

I messaged to say if she didn’t mind I would love the code and she provided me with it, the voucher code worked and I got two same day PCR tests for free.  I had never met or spoken with this woman before, yet she was willing to do something very generous to help a random stranger.  This made my day.

I thought about this on and off each week since it has happened.  I started to read more about the paying it forward movement.  This is the idea of responding to a person’s kindness to us by being kind to someone else.

This is what lead me to the idea of paying it forward by creating an all inclusive scholarship for Level 4, in which the winner was announced on the 8th September.  This is something we are hoping to do annually.

To help even more students I have created a free guide on how to smash your constructive response exams. There are five comprehensive tips to help you maximise your chances for success in the exam.   It is my gift to you and you can find it here: subscribepage.io/cips-training

Please let me know how you are going to pay it forward in response, let’s make the world feel slightly less grim!