Bored of stale negotiation training? It’s time to take a behavioural approach

Feb 28, 2022 | Blog

The fundamental rule of business is that people will do business with those they know and like.  Yet traditional negotiation training is very much focused on a more adversarial approach, with tactics and power play.

I’ve attended more negotiation courses than I can remember, and the focus is on how to win, which seems more short-term, and doesn’t consider that the most complex negotiations are usually for long-term contracts where relationships and collaboration are important.

Behavioural Procurement is the study of the effects of psychological, social, and emotional factors on commercial decisions and how this impacts competitive advantage.  We believe this is the number one skill for procurement professionals to master in any sector or organisation.  It seemed a necessary step to bring this knowledge to negotiation.

Taking this course enables you to read non-verbal behaviour, understand the elements of trust, learn advanced communication methods to build relationships and master your emotional triggers to maximise your chances of success in your negotiation.

Our unique, innovative blended negotiation masterclass focuses on behavioural factors which can create damage to a negotiation agreement. Designed to be as flexible as possible, virtual modules are completed with an optional add-on of a face-to-face mock negotiation at the end of the training.

This training contains access to seven foundational modules and optional advanced modules for the more experienced negotiator.

Foundational modules include:

  • Pre-negotiation planning
  • Active Listening & effective questioning
  • The science behind trust
  • Emotional triggers
  • Non-verbal analysis
  • Persuasion & Ploys
  • Power & closure

Advanced optional modules include:

  • Heuristics & biases
  • Advanced Behavioural analysis
  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness for the negotiator

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