How long does it take to finish your CIPS studies

Apr 11, 2022 | Blog

A popular question I get asked by almost all potential students is how long it will take them to finish their CIPS studies.  Now, this is a difficult question to ask because it depends on how much effort you are willing to put in.

Number of modules

  • Advanced Certificate (3) has five modules to complete
  • Diploma (4) has eight modules to complete
  • Advanced Diploma (5) has eight modules to complete
  • Professional Diploma (6) has seven modules to complete

Exam Series

Currently, students can sit their exams in March, May, July, and November, although hopefully this will be increased soon.

Normal Study Length

All levels can be sat in a normal academic year Sept – July.  To gain your full MCIPS you will need to complete levels 4 – 6

Intensive Study

There is the option to double up on certain modules and complete your CIPS level or MCIPS faster.  I completed my CIPS in just under two years.  We are here to advise students if they would like to sit their exams in a smaller timeframe. 

We are looking for CIPS students who are interested in an intensive program, so please get in touch at or 0800 009 6207 to discuss in more detail