How to choose the right study centre for you

Mar 14, 2022 | Blog

We are well aware that getting started with CIPS can be a minefield.  Firstly there are so many different ways to study, will you choose a classroom in person, virtual, or a more flexible distance learning approach.  Then once you have decided this you’ve still got to choose between a variety of different study centres.

We have a couple of tips to help you on this journey.  We think there are some key questions you need to ask.


How flexible is the training?

There is still sometimes an ill-conceived notion that CIPS classroom in-person training is better than distance.  If you are looking at a classroom program consider the day the training falls on and the timing.  Can you attend every session at that set time?  Are you having to commute into the centre and arrive stressed from traffic? Is the timing after work when your brain is already tired and will fail to take all the information in?

Our CIPS distance learning package is entirely flexible where you can study as and when fits in with your lifestyle, and in small micro amounts rather than having to listen for hours and hours at a time.  You can choose a time that works for you where your brain is fresh, and studies into memory show that this will help you retain more information.


What materials are they providing you with?

It is really important to find out or be able to see a small sample of the material that you will be provided with.  No matter who the tutor is and how well they explain things you will need supporting documentation.  Do they have revision aids, sample questions, exercises?  Business Academy Online’s CIPS Training includes all of this and more, we even have a YouTube channel that goes through the key models and can be found here:


What extra support do they provide?

Do they mark assignments for you? How available are they outside of classroom hours, can you have telephone calls or video calls with your tutor?  It is important that you feel supported on your CIPS journey and not isolated.

Business Academy Online’s CIPS training program is designed with extra support in mind.  You have access to unlimited telephone or video calls to your tutor to help guide you through the program.  Emails are responded to within 24 hours and we have trained CIPS assessors to mark your assignments.


Who is your tutor?

It is super important to know who your tutor is so that you can see whether they are a good fit for you.  Do you like them? Does the way they explain things make sense to you? Before parting with your money make sure you have a conversation with the tutor to see how you interact.  Our Training Director Laura likes to speak to all potential new starters, as it is her training videos that make up our course and her explanations.  Should you like her style, then you will do well with our training.  Samples of our videos can be found on our website here

We hope you have found this article useful, there is so much more to consider than price.  For more info on our CIPS studies please look at our website or contact us at