Optimise your chances of passing your exam: Check out our Revision Webinars

Jun 15, 2021 | Blog

In case you missed this, we have a number of revision webinars available to purchase to help improve your chances of success in your exam. 

For our students these revision webinars are part of the package and included in their course information, plus they get first access to any new live revision webinars running.

For any non-students out there our revision webinars are an actual bargain at £9.99 inclusive of VAT and can be rewatched for a total of 28 days.

So what do you get for this price?

Well you get access to both a 1 hour video and the presentation slides.  The one 1 hour revision webinar is delivered by our Training Director Laura Scarfe, a hugely experienced CIPS assessor and former Principal Marker, so she knows what it takes to get distinctions in your exams!  She will take your through sample questions or topics from each learning objective and learning outcome to give you a comprehensive, whistlestop tour of that particular module.

We have focused our Revision Webinars on the Constructive Exam modules, and have so far covered L4M1, L5M1 and L4M2.  We aim to get every module covered in the next few months, ready for the new academic year.  L4M1 can be purchased here https://learn.businessacademy-online.com/courses/l4m1-revision-webinar

We hope you find these useful and wish you every success in your exams!