Ten reasons you should study with us

Jan 24, 2022 | Blog

I had an interesting call this week.  A potential student called me and asked me to explain to her why she should study with Business Academy Online and not a competitor centre.  I was a little surprised by the question as I believed that our marketing material and social media posts gave all of these reasons.  However, this question showed me that perhaps we had not been clear enough and perhaps it was time for a clear blog post about what we offer and how this is value for money.

I truly believe that we offer the best value for money training within the UK if not the rest of the world.  So let me make it clear, below are ten reasons why you should come study your CIPS with our centre.

  1. We subscribe to microlearning.  We have a video per learning outcome (1.1, 1.2, etc.) that is pre-recorded, and students can work at their own pace.  These short videos enable students to retain information for their exams.
  2. We are committed to edutainment. No boring widget examples our videos will hopefully entertain you and make you laugh
  3. We have assignments and quizzes marked for you by a CIPS assessment author and former Principal Marker. We provide detailed feedback to aid improvement.
  4. We have exam and revision techniques created by a CIPS assessment author and former Principal Marker using the best neuroscience techniques to help you learn.
  5. We have created exercises on the key models to aid understanding, included is access to the YouTube videos on each key model.
  6. Revision topics are available for every module, including how to answer sample questions for constructive response exams.
  7. Revision sheets are available for every module, to help support self-study students who may not be able to afford the books.
  8. Every constructive response module has a mock exam to further aid student practice.
  9. Unlike other centres, we offer unlimited zoom or telephone calls to help support our students.
  10. We offer flexibility for a student; they can purchase one module or the full bundle and can pay directly on the system or be invoiced.

Any more questions? Then check out our system tasters here or get in contact at 0800 009 6207 or email info@businessacademy-online.com