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We offer a number of procurement short courses which are designed to compliment CIPS training, or act as a stand alone. These courses are available online, but can also be delivered in person. Please get in touch with us for a quote for in person training.

Behavioural Tactics for Success

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Behavioural Procurement

delivered virtually or in person

What is Behavioural Procurement?

Behavioural Procurement is the study of the effects of psychological, social and emotional factors on commercial decisions and how this impacts competitive advantage.  We believe this is the number one skill for procurement professionals to master in any sector or organisation.

Who is this course for?

Procurement buyers and supply chain professionals

This course is designed to help procurement and supply chain professionals struggling with adversarial stakeholder relationships and conflict, and assist with creating rapport and more effective relationships to achieve better deals, longer term contracts and more engaged stakeholders using an actionable seven step model.

Our training applies aspects of behavioural science to procurement processes to help participants uncover hidden biases, and hone their soft skills to be used more effectively with all stakeholders

Negotiation Masterclass

Behavioural approach to negotiation

This is unique, innovative blended negotiation masterclass focuses on behavioural factors which can create damage to a negotiation agreement. Designed to be as flexible as possible, virtual modules are completed with an optional add-on of a face to face mock negotiation at the end of the training.

This training contains access to seven foundational modules, and optional advanced modules for the more experienced negotiator.

Foundational modules include:
  • Pre-negotiation planning
  • Active Listening & effective questioning
  • The science behind trust
  • Emotional triggers
  • Non-verbal analysis
  • Persuasion & Ploys
  • Power & closure
Advanced optional modules include:
  • Heuristics & biases
  • Advanced Behavioural analysis
  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness for the negotiator

Mock Negotiation

Optional Add-on

The mock negotiation at the end of the training is designed to test understanding and show participants how to put the training into action.  Participants will be given a mock scenario separate to their organisational context in order to challenge them. They will be given one hour preparation time, and then the negotiation will last for a maximum of one hour. After this they receive detailed feedback on their performance in person, followed up with an action plan report on areas for improvement.  Get in touch for a bespoke quote for this service.


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